We offer a wide range of services for all your commercial exterior and interior cleaning solutions.

These days, Consumers aren’t only attracted to your business for the services you offer or the items you sell.

If your Storefront/Facade or Awning looks like it’s had it's fair share of battles with NYC’s famous gum, grime, grease, or grit. Then you might have lost of few passerby’s and potential spenders.

We can help you maintain your best look by out outfitting you with a one-time yearly cleaning or a monthly maintenance plan.

Our highly trained Techs can clean and restore everything you see below:

·       Parking Garages

·       Concrete Cleaning

·       Building Cleaning

·       Roof Cleaning

·       Store Fronts

·       Sidewalks

·       Chewing Gum Removal

·       Dumpsters and Garbage Cans

·       Restaurant Kitchens

·       Awnings

·       Oil Stains

·       Graffiti

·       And Much More!

PRESSURE PROS POWER WASHING OFFERS SERVICES IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Nassau and Westchester County.

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